Here's a cool thing I ran across in a bad ass moment!

Hey guys so I decided we should put more pics up of this game because it has alot of frigging bad ass moments, other then just character creation. So this is where they go, anything you see that looks bad ass, awesome, gory, funny, or just plain weird, throw it in here let’s have some fun!!


So I’ll start, here’s a pic of 2 terror demons just as they spawn from a rift, pretty on point.

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I don’t know how to move my posts from other topics, so I’ll just repost mine:

Came across this gem in Crestwood (not RNG). I will probably get it as soon as I can in every playthrough! I even got a shoutout from the @DragonAge twitter:


That is fucking awesome man!!

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Can i date myself in this game plox? Dem eyes doe

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Is that… a wheel of cheese on your back!!!

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Would anything else make a better shield?


Just in case I get hungry!

My friend said it looked like pac man

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It won’t let me eat the cheese!!! Or use it as a shield :confused:


So this is about to become a “Where in the world of Dragon Age is the Cheese” thread… Answer, everywhere.

Just chilling with a raven, and stacks of Cheese.

And here’s King Cheesehead himself!!! His reign may have ended a while ago, that’s a big noggin though.