Here's a Good Way to Hype Up a Game: Square Enix's Interactive Reveal


Ever wonder how a developer could ever make their reveals more personal? Game releases now days have been the usual ‘show a few clips’ or ‘reveal at E3.’ It’s all kinds of boring and cliche. The only time we get really hyped about video games lately is when we have either known about the game for a very long time, or it’s a sequel of sorts.

Well, you’d be glad to hear that Square Enix is changing it up.

(Not saying that there weren’t any reveals previous like this.)

Through the power of Twitch TV, Square Enix are actively streaming their reveal, which will span for next 3 days. The starting day of the stream showcases a lonely man wondering abouts an enclosed room. He has no idea what has happened to him, it’s sad. However, mystery arises, since our own suspicions arise. Each day it will be up to twitch viewers/chat to determine how the story unravels. Their is some sort of voting event that will most likely determine what happens to this man next. Thus whole “interactive experience.”

They’ve also implemented instagram into all of this. Revealing little clips throughout the reveal, just to increase that hype level. It’s pretty good implementation, and just adds a little bit more fun, and mystery.

I’ve seen this man wake up in an isolated, daunting room. He’s been running circles asking plenty of questions, which he obviously isn’t getting answers to. I’ve seen him get punched by some masked man, and ripped of his jacket. Now, lastly, I watch him endure the pain of an extrememly loud violin melody as I wait for the ending hour to participate in this voting event in deciding his fate.

here’s a link to the original source from Square Enix:

catch the stream; and no, I am not going to embed into this post because I want you all to go check it out:

Possible Answer: Square Enix's Reveal
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Please be Deus ex please be Deus ex Please please please.

Anyway this is a really cool idea. Thanks for breaking it down AL (totally called you freshie)


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This is really, really dope.


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