Hero Rotation 5/26 - 6/1



This is the last Hero Rotation before the game officially launches next Tuesday 6/2. From what I’ve heard, the transition from the current Open Beta into full release will be seamless. Excited to see what heroes they choose for the free rotation that first week, but I’ll be here next Tuesday with that.

Remember you get five heroes when you start and unlock two more at levels 12 and 15. This week we have:

  • Arthas (Warrior)
  • Malfurion (Support)
  • Stitches (Warrior)
  • Tyrande (Support)
  • Valla (Assassin)
  • Zagara (Specialist - Level 12 Unlock)
  • Illidan (Assassin - Level 15 Unlock)

I am HYPED to try out Illidan. He’s is right up my alley in terms of playstyle (aka HashtagYoloSwaggin) because he gets right up in your face and slices you up. Look forward to many unnecessary deaths due to unbridled aggression and pretenses of immortality.

What are you guys looking forward to this week in HotS?


Keeping you alive.


I just bought Illidan and Zeratul last week for the same reason. Both can be beastly but if you get caught in some team lockdowns, you’re hosed easily. And, I’m too aggressive with them lol. If i make a mistake with warriors or specialists, usually I can recover but not with those 2.

I’m gonna try Stiches out some this week just to learn what I’m up against, but doubt I’d ever pick him over ETC or Muradin.

I also might try Hero league this week since hopefully it’ll reset next week so I can test it without hurting rating when next Tuesday rolls.


I’m a big ETC fan but I certainly prefer Stitches over Muradin. Stitches allows for those Blitzcrank moments and he has plenty of self-healing opportunities.


Great Stitches Clip

uses the Abathur mines to just utterly decimate a Valla.

I haven’t heard anything about Hero League reset. I know it currently says “Preseason” when you play it, so they probably should reset it for the start of an official season. I started playing the other day. I think i played 8 or 9 games, won 6 or 7 and got to rank 43 so far. But I guess i’ll wait until after any reset to start my “Road to Rank 1” officially.


Only thing between me and hero league is purchasing 4 or 5 heroes. Part of me wants to purchase the cheap ones so I can start, but I also want to have heroes I enjoy and am proficient with. I will probably hold off hero league for 2-3 weeks, essentially until I get to try every hero I could be up against.

Malfurion seems great with Illidan with that burst heal.
I’ve yet to try Zeratul - don’t feel like spending gold for a hero and turn out I don’t like them. For example I really am not a fan of Kerrigan (yet), even though I thought I’d love her.
I’ve been Pudge hooking nubs for years so Stitches will get plenty of my attention this week as well.

Such a nice lineup this week.


From the couple games I played, his lack of mobility was what bothered me, and now in the current meta I’m guessing it’s worse. I do love the hook though, Blitz and Thresh were fun to play.