Heroes Charge - Android/iOS "MOBA style" game - Free



For those of you who are fans of the MOBA style of gameplay, there is a game that’s out right now by the name of Heroes Charge that plays very similarly to that. If you take out the minions, make it all champ based, and optimize it for a mobile platform, you pretty much have HC.

The game has a lot of common features including a campaign mode that has a three star ranking system, an arena for PVP, as well as a host of other modes to collect new champions to level with. The game is free, however paying real currency will allow you to progress faster. As I’ve seen so far, paying real money is not needed to experience the full game.

My goal is to get high enough to create a guild and start up one for Strats if anyone else is interested in playing. I’ve been playing it a lot, so I don’t mind owning it if no one else wants to.

Note that the game is Online Only, so you can expect to only play where there is a viable internet connection. However, there are no ads, which is always refreshing.

Official Website:


iOS Download:


Android Download:



I have no idea what the difference is between the regular one and the HD one is, but I just got the HD one for my phone.


I want to play this just for the art style. Very Final Fantasy 2&3-ish.

Guess I really need that tablet now since this doesn’t seem to be for Windows phone. Nothing is for Windows phone. :sob:


The art style looks just as good in game.

I don’t know why ANYONE bought Windows phones. :wink: