Heroes of the Storm BETA



Hey guys, my friend got accepted into the closed beta for Heroes of the Storm and I’m sooo excited because he gave me a key! Now, this is my first time being in a closed beta, so I’m extra excited. I finished my first game, and it was very fun. Anyone else in the beta?


Yup! There are a few of us in. Let’s play.

My Battle.net is Vocino#1150


My battle.net is SloanSloth#1488.

I also have 4 beta codes I can give out if anyone needs or wants one. For NA.


I would love a code to check it out! :smile:

Droul#1879 is my blizz id


I’ll add you then shoot you a code


Thank You!! and welcome to Strats!!


Droul lied and already had beta access :stuck_out_tongue: So I still have 4 codes if anyone needs it.


AND i found out i have 4 beta keys as well…lol. lemme know if you want 1


I’ve been in since alpha. It’s a very fun game. I have 4 extra keys as well.


I would like to check this out
my battletag is spredhed#1640


I’m sending you a code now. (If people ask for codes, can we be sure to public say we sent them one, so all 3 of us aren’t sending codes to one person? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @SloanTheSloth
I will be home from work late tonight but will start the process of downloading the game and logging on
I will be in need of some youtube video research as well


I believe that I’m in the beta, but I’m unsure that my laptop can handle it, so I’ll probably end up waiting to play it until I get back to my desktop


I’d love to try out HotS with you guys. There’s no point in sitting on unused beta keys!

Feel free to try out my freshly minted BattleTag: RadSavage#1183


So you need a code? I’ll shoot you a message with one :slight_smile:


Seems like we have a lot of people playing Heroes of the Storm now. Maybe we can set up a full group sometime.


Looks like the ninja ninja’d his way into my inbox first.

Proud participant of the HotS Beta thanks to teh_ninjaneer! <3 :heart_eyes:


I got this to work on my laptop! Hopefully I can get in sometime playing with you guys


How are the graphics? :stuck_out_tongue:



I just want to give away my codes :frowning: