Heroes of the Storm Launch Giveaway!


To help promote the launch of Heroes of the Storm (HotS) and the fact that several Strats members are actually finding this game enjoyable, I have purchased four (4) $20 battle.net gift cards to give away to current Strats members.

If you will simply reply to this thread with your interest in obtaining one of these cards before Thursday, June 4 @ 12:00pm EDT then I will enter your name in the drawing. That afternoon, with the assistance of teh_minioneer (my 3-year-old son), we will draw names and announce the winners. I will then send a PM on these forums with the code.

  • One entry per participant
  • Must be a current Strats member as of 12:30pm EDT June 2, 2015
  • Once you have won your name is removed from further winnings
  • teh_ninjaneer and immediate family members are exempt from the drawing

Thanks everyone and good luck!

Edit - Also, here’s the description of Strats user levels for everyone’s reference.

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I would like to be entered. Also thank you sir, that’s very nice of you. Good luck everyone. Hopefully the June 2 doesn’t cause an influx of fake accounts today.


If you’re worried about new people jumping in, 12:30pm EDT was 8 minutes ago.


count me in!

ninja, thanks for this. I’m also planning on doing some giveaways in the future…either starter packs or gift cards as well. i’ll let yours finish out, then i’ll plan something as well. i’d like to plan it around a weekly event called “HotS with Strats”…but that’s all for another thread.


I would love to be entered into this! I’m so excited to finally have an awesome group of people to play this game with.


Count me in! And thanks @teh_ninjaneer !! :slight_smile:


I’d like to throw my hat into the ring.


I like free money!


What would these Battle.net gift cards allow you to obtain with HotS?


Why not, I like this game, count me in!


Very generous of you. I’d like to volunteer as tribute. Thanks @teh_ninjaneer


The game itself is free, and by playing matches you earn gold to buy the heroes. However, you can also purchase the heroes with cash in order to earn them faster.

There are also skins for the heroes and mounts that can only be bought with cash.


Count me in for that…

Anub is amazing! Lolz


Ah gotcha. I downloaded B.Net the other night and installed this, but haven’t touched it lol.


Wow this sounds amazing! <3 And yay for getting your little mini one in on this. What a fun father-son idea! Count me in!


@teh_ninjaneer thanks for for doing this! Glad to hear that @teh_minioneer will be keeping everything honest. Looking forward to seeing how the Strats HotS franchise will develop!


Give me cards so i can vanquish our enemies!


Hello! I could always use a new hero in storm lol pls and thank you for the enter


This is really quite awesome of you. I’ll take a chance! :slight_smile:



Hell I’ll give it a try.

You guys hear about this new Star Citizen game?