Heroes of the Storm Launch Night Strats Event (2 June @ 8PM EST)



As many of you are aware, Heroes of the Storm launches officially tomorrow (Tuesday June 2nd). In honor of this momentous occasion, I will be hosting a special event. (it’s really not that special, because I would be playing this game anyway). I looked into custom games a little bit, and it looks like we can get a 5v5 going. There are also 2 observer slots for custom games, which allows the observer to see everyone’s health as well as have full control of the camera.

So if you’re interested in joining me, I’d love to get a big group of us going. I know it’s short notice, but I was pretty much offline all weekend, and wasn’t able to sit down long enough to post. The event will be from 8pm-11pm EST. It could continue after this time, but my involvement will unfortunately have to cease.

I will also be streaming the entire thing. I will also bring this up at tonight’s meeting. Feel free to give me any feedback or questions here or at tonight’s meeting in mumble.


I’ll definitely be there. Played some this weekend with Ghost and ninja, been having a lot more fun since we started having strats games.


I should be able to attend and stream.


I’m in brother!


This is awesome! I’ll definitely be watching. :blush:


Cleaned up the OP a bit :slight_smile:


I did not know You guys play HotS :slight_smile: I guess none of You play on EU servers? ; )


Most of us are on NA servers although I think @Majordomo has an EU account.


I believe @Nolani23 might have an EU account as well :wink:


Yes I have EU acc. But I switch servers and I am on US servers too :blush:


I am so down for this. If I had better internet connection on this island I would stream but I don’t know if I will be able to do that. I am not super awesome at this game (yet) but if not I’d love to at least watch!


i am us now. MURICA


Thanks, I posted from work in between phone calls…didn’t have time to dress it up nice.


I guess since all you guys are playing I should grace you with my participation lol.


Hype bump!


I should be able to attend this. Hopefully.


I need Johanna to be released prior to this (also playing Johanna in heroes might make me relapse into D3 play…)


Is Johanna being released today? I never saw an announcement and usually they would tweet that it’s “Johanna week” like they have for other heroes.


yeah i haven’t seen anything official about her being released today either. i was looking forward to it


I might be able to log on around that time but I’m not 100%.

I actually really enjoy this game. I dished out the gold for Zeratul and played two games with him and I believe he is a contender to be my “main” hero.

Is there any talk of him getting nerfed? I searched around and I saw some people thinking he’s OP but not sure how true that may be.