Heroes of the Storm Objectives



There had been some talk about this previously. This is the best succinct visual I’ve seen that summarizes all of the objective timers for the various items and maps in Heroes. (Saw this on the reddit from GoBingoBango)


Yassss. This is amazing. Thanks so much this was much needed! :smiley:


If you are looking for 1000x more detail to the point of overkill on the topic of objectives and maps, this post will have all the goodies:

Grubby’s Sky Temple Guide - His only Map guide with more to come
Team Liquid Compilation Topic - What our Strategy topic will look like someday

Can’t find the one awesome video I saw last month but I’ll add more as I find good resources.

Blackheart will always attack the middle lane first. If your team can take out one Cannon Tower before, then Blackheart’s first 10 cannons will kill their fort.

Sky Temple

  • Early lane phase only send 1 hero bot because the first temples are Top and Mid.
  • The second temple is only Bot so you can switch to a 1/1/3 lane to prepare for second round of temples at Bot. It will spawn 2 minutes after the first temple is done, so capture top mercs around 1:45 and head down. Send all 5 of your team when you can - usually first to arrive wins because the challenging team goes through that narrow gap.
  • Third round of temples will be Mid AND either top or bot.

Grubby’s suggestion: It is unrealistic to capture both temples in the first spawn. Commit one hero more than the enemy to mid, and extra heroes can soak exp mid and bot. If you’re splitting temples with the enemy, the team with more exp gain wins.