Heroes of the Storm Pack



A nice starter pack of characters and skins available on Amazon

This bundle includes:
Five Heroes: Sonya – Warrior, Zeratul – Assassin, Zagara – Specialist, Li Li – Support, and Jaina – Assassin
Ronin Zeratul Skin
Retail Exclusive Golden Tiger Mount
Quick Start Guide
It would cost 33,000 gold or more than $50 to buy these items individually. But why do that when you can get all of these great heroes, plus the exclusive Golden Tiger Mount, for a great value!


Bought it!


Going to Gamestop tomorrow! :open_mouth:


not to mention that the tiger mount is no purchasable without this pack (i think).


So I sold a few of my no longer needed PS3 games today and wrangled up about 30 bucks at Gamestop. I decided to get the Heroes of the Storm starter pack and, upon checking out, noticed the cute little mystery boxes of vinyl heroes so I was like okay well I have enough. At the first Gamestop I went to, they were sold out of the Starter Pack and said there was only one copy left in my city. Lol. So I went and picked it up. So…here I am, excited to open up my little vinyl figure and hoping I get like Nova or Diablo or Tyrael. Nope. I got chef stitches.


That is all. I am super excited to try out some new heroes and golden tiger mount! :smiley: Thanks @ghosthog and @dontcallmejames for letting us all know about this! That being said, if anyone wants Zeratul or Li Li, I have a key for them so hit me up!


i bought one of those too, i should’ve shown it on cam last night. I got the regular stitches though. Chef Stitches is apparently pretty rare in those random packs.


Haha is he really? That’s hilarious. He’s so ugly he’s cute.


I ordered my on Amazon, I think it gets here tomorrow!


Can you give me Zeratul :3?


btw, i envy… I wanna a little cute stitches too T___T


Sorry haha I gave it to @DrizztDo_Urden69 over a week ago.


hehehe… muahhahahaha


-.-! Report him.