Heroes of the Storm refer-a-friend link trade



Use this snazzy referral link and get all the lootz <- (or post yours below and trade)

  • Are you interested in starting to play HOTS? Did you start an account but aren’t yet level 5? Use the link above!

  • Are you a seasoned player and have a referral link you want to use? Let’s trade and level alts for all the lootz!

I especially want this neat hover mount (below) but it requires 4x level 10 recruits. Wow, that’s serious recruiting. I’m not sure I can level that many alts for people but I’d be willing to get 1 to level 10 in a trade.

Of course, if you’re interested in picking up the game (or you picked it up but aren’t level 5 yet) you can use a referal link to get a free 5-day Stimpack and some free heroes.

  • Recruits must be level 5 or lower to be eligible for recruitment.

  • Rewards are only awarded in the game region where the initial recruitment took place. For example, if a player in the Americas sends a recruitment link to players in Europe, the recruits will not receive rewards unless they also play in the Americas.

MechaStorm – Heroes of the Storm
MadAsToasts ASL

Actually started playing HOTS again with a buddy, past level 5 though :slight_smile:.


We should play then.


Will be on tonight around 4pm PT I believe.


Unfortunately that’s really early for me. I usually start gaming around 9 or 10 PT


Ahhh, I am opposite. I get home from work around 4 and do a little gaming before the wife gets home.


Ah, the enternal story of adult gamers. :slight_smile:


We all should play


@Sinderion I play pretty much every night but unfortunately later than most people. Certainly hit me up though: Vocino#1150 on Battle dot net.


@Vocino I’ve already add you to my battle net! My Id is ShadowDragon#110172


It worked! I received the notification that you were referred by my link @Auth.

Thank you!


Update! I need 1 more referral or 3 more to get to level 10. I want the Raynor mount more than ever with the new Raynor!