Heroes of the Storm


Who’s in? that has the beta that is. I’m playing it right now and I absolutely love it.


Me too! Although, I have been getting distracted from it lately… been playing Darkest Dungeon and I just got Evolve too…


I did the tutorials, been pondering playing it more… Just lack the time to commit to become ‘good’


I’ve been in for almost a year now but I play very little.


Edit - This game takes way less skill than other MOBAs. The trick to becoming “good” is to focus more on objectives and less on lanes and kills. When an objective becomes active everyone should move. And a lot of people don’t understand that you need one person in every lane just to soak up the XP.


well. now that i’ve cracked down and tried it (~15 games) i’m in love with it, its not hard and when you can play with friends, its a very enjoyable experience, because its all a team effort. there’s no getting singled out because youre underleveled, everythings team leveling, and you don’t have to buy things. you spec to your playstyle and that’s pretty much it. I do enjoy this game and I’m glad I gave it a chance forsure.


After playing League for over 4 years, Heroes was a welcome change to me for the same reasons. I was happy that the focus was on the team rather than the individual. Mo more last-hitting, no more running thru a jungle for 20 minutes as an alternate leveling path so I wouldn’t steal someone’s XP, and no more sitting in a bush babysitting someone with a god complex.

I just haven’t committed a lot of time since the last wipe and start of beta. I’m only level 12 right now.


I hear ya. I’m level 8 right now. I things keep going at this pace i’ll be at 40 in no time


I’ve been playing lately too. Liking for the same reasons–much less to worry about than LoL.
But like Pitt, I’ve been busy with Darkest Dungeon and Evolve this week so I’ve just been getting on to get my daily quest in each day if possible and that’s it.

My tag: GhostHunter#1382


I broke it guys… I hit the max exp cap for Coop… and now it’s not resetting… lol


Didn’t realize there was a cap on co-op. And what do you mean it’s not resetting?


well usually blizzard games reset and like 3AM and It just hasn’t reset my experience from yesterday. idk why.


If someone is up, we should play.


Purchased Assmodan this morning and played a game with him.

That ugly dude has some strong siege.


What kind of game is this? MOBA?


Yes a MOBA. More friendly version for casual gamers imo


Is it free?
I would try it out to play with a group but not interested in spending money on it


It is free. Currently in closed beta but I think people are handing out keys like candy. Try searching for some keys.


def get try to get a key, if you do, let me know!


I think i’ve added everyone in this thread so far, @spredhed did you get a key?


and if you want to try go to this website to try to win a key…