Hero's Song now on Kickstarter



The Hero’s Song Kickstarter launched earlier this week. The new company, Pixelmage Games, is led by John Smedley (Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies).

At first glance this game looks like a 2d Diablo-remake of Everquest. The announced classes are exactly the same as Everquest’s. They throw some hints at the AI being used and it sounds very similar to Storybricks, which is the AI system intended for EQNext.

There’s not a lot of concrete info available on the Kickstarter page. Hopefully more info will be released over the next 20+ days. But the project seems interesting to me given that EQ was my first MMO and still one of my favorites.

The site is a bit of a mess because the company has been trying to rework pledge tiers in order to attract more attention to the higher tiers. They can’t delete tiers so they are simply adding more and it makes everything look confusing. However, I ask you to please read over the material, visit the site again in a week or two if you’re interested, and consider backing this project.


This looks pretty interesting. I like the concept, the video on the kickstarter site tells a lot. Thanks for posting.


Since you get 2 packs, anyone up for gettting a Paragon pack ?


Seems interesting. They have an aggressive development timeline so I’m guessing they’re using an existing engine.


They are using Unity, which seems to be the popular tool lately for quick design. I have mixed feelings about Unity but there have been a few good games created with that engine.

I had a few questions such as how would a group/party system work (since you can supposedly have hundreds of people online together). It also describes the combat as ARPG-style, but slowed down so it is more tactical, or something along those lines. I feel like a lot of the draw of an ARPG is the fast-paced combat so I have some reservations about that.

But I feel like Smedley is a good game designer and has good ideas. $15-25 at a minimum isn’t a lot to put down just to see how this project develops and if I like what I see at the end then I can raise my pledge accordingly.

On a side note, I believe this game will retail at $20 on Steam upon release. So that $25 tier for 2 copies of the game is a steal.


Interesting idea. Once there is more info I may kickstart this one. Seems like it could be a lot of fun.


The idea has definitely piqued my interest, but my wife has me on a Kickstarter lockdown. Well… it’s more like a “you can’t spend a dime” lockdown. Maybe I’ll be able to pick up a copy once it goes legit?


I hope this works out, this is a great concept. I wish the design had a little more flair but I love the real-time aspect of it and I hope it resembles the likes, gameplay wise, of Gauntlet versus, say, Diablo. I’ve always believed pixel art allows for more ingenuity with the core game itself. I really hope that belief comes to fruition here.


Well… They just cancelled the Kickstarter because they kinda messed it all up and the investors are now going to front them the rest of the money (800k which I doubt they would have raised)

Anyway they are promising to stick to the timeline and have the game out this year and are going to be releasing updates on a regular basis… Something to look forward to.


Will there be an early access period?


They haven’t said yet. I hope they announce details about that or a beta sign up soon


After months of very little information provided, just little screenshots and short GIFs displayed on Twitter, it looks like Hero’s Song is ready to be shown once again.

A 5-minute gameplay trailer will be released tomorrow at 10:30am PDT on CohhCarnage’s channel. They will also launch an Indiegogo campaign for preorders rather than bring back the Kickstarter.

Supposedly the game will only cost $20.


This was a bump I wax excited to see. Looking forward to seeing the indiegogo tomorrow.


UPDATE: The Indie GoGo has gone live

I’ve been looking for a fun game to play on my Macbook and this may be it.


i’m in. been following this for a bit. i’m not a huge fan of these early access crowd funded games anymore (been burned by too many) but this one is very reasonably priced. won’t lose too much if it’s a total bomb.


Thanks for the info, missed it last time XD


15 bucks for the game is a very nice price. It seems like the game could be a Diablo-style version of original Everquest and that really interests me (racial languages!). Smedley is bringing back all the classes from the original.


Yup! That was my impression. Yeah I’ll buy it no doubt for $15. Hopefully the lower price will attract a larger crowd


gameplay trailer looked pretty nice. didn’t reveal too much, but it got me excited!


I actually really hope that you can build a base of sorts, there is housing as far as I am aware but I would really love to make guilds and build castle’s and stuff.