Hero's Song Updates and who's gonna play?



Some nice updates from game stream on Massively OP today with Smedley.

Decent /r/Herosong thread of the news from the stream.

And curious who backed Hero’s Song and might be playing alpha? Time to start figuring out running a server :slight_smile:


I just couldn’t back it. After the failed Kickstarter and then the lack of promised info during the indiegogo I just couldn’t do it.

The game is getting made no matter what. The indiegogo was just an attempt to fatten the purse a bit (since they had a “flexible goal” they received all pledge money). They didn’t even raise half the money they wanted. The game is already listed on Steam and soon it will enter “early access” and be given a price.

Maybe I’ll look at it after it’s live on Steam. But to me it just looked like a bunch of failed promises. And I had high hopes when it was first announced.


lol. you were the one who got me hooked on this one :grin:


i’m in, though i’m disappointed and a little worried that it didn’t meet it’s goals. I don’t know why i keep following Smed around…i guess i just keep hoping to recapture the magic of Everquest.


That was my initial feeling about the game. However I’ve been following both the Hero’s Song and Smedley’s personal twitter account and there just hasn’t been a lot of info. The indiegogo promised to highlight all the classes but I think they only talked about two. That didn’t go over well with me either.

Smedley might make enjoyable games but he seems to be lacking in community interaction.


@ghosthog Invites for Indiegogo backers went out last night. People are now streaming the game if you want to check it out.

Not sure if you actually backed or not.


didn’t get my key yet. i msged them, waiting for reply.


Check your spam folder. Also, mine was in a different email account that I thought I had used but think my indiegogo is tied to the different email.


I like what I’ve seen of the game so far. I’ll probably buy into early access when it is released in a week or two.


Yea, I think has way more potential than Albion minus the population size. It’s incredibly rough around the edges though. several of the classes in so far are missing abilities or they’re not working. To me its a cross between AO, Ultima Online and a little bit of Terraria (sp?).


I’ve watched streamers wander for several minutes without seeing something to kill. Haven’t seen anyone find a dungeon yet either when the game says that several thousand were generated.

But I think it does have potential as well. Not sure if I want to try hosting my own server. Once I see the system specs maybe I could host it on a cheap laptop.


super rough right now. but i could see a finished version doing really well. i definitely did a lot of roaming without even see anything to fight. there is very little loot, very little crafting materials, little to no npcs, no quests, etc.

i had 4 very quick permadeaths before finally rolling a beast master. i got him to level 19 or so right now…and without ever really having a pet. any pet i tamed would be insta killed immediately. mob seem to be either over leveled, or under leveled for how hard they are. i’ve killed a lot of mobs way over my level, which is why i was leveling so fast. but then level 1 bats still kick my ass sometimes at level 19.


Seems like the necro pet is the same way: One hit and dead.

I did notice that necro pet didn’t want to attack enemies in Underworld.


Yea I’ve noticed this as well but also haven’t gone real far, been mainly focusing on trying each character out so far. Tonight I plan to level just 1 and see how far I can get.
It also depends on world creation which gods you pick and how high your prioritize them for how many mobs/npcs you get and how spread out they are.


Can also confirm this and the beastmaster pets being weak and having terrible AI/pathing. Despite this BM and Necro are two of the more powerful pcs I’ve tried.


wtb hero’s song game key


Lol. Some streamers are giving away tonight I think


I lost in a drawing last night.


They’ve got Haggis even! lol


Another random thing you can do in this game: you can pierce your genitals.

The inventory has 2 tabs: 1 for your main inventory (armor pieces and weapons) and 1 for jewelry. You can wear way more than your standard earrings, rings and necklace. Nipple rings and genitalia.