Hey all from Cali, i'm droop


Hey i currently live in north Cali but i’m in the military and will be moving to Korea soon for a year. I have played PC for a while now but all my RL friends have dropped off for one reason or another so this seems like the perfect place. I’m pretty much just on PC. As for games, i jump around alot depending on whats going on. I usually play fallout 4 but just started getting into BDO and division. I just got my Overwatch beta key so i’ll be trying that out too. Steam name is Prime (picture is deadpool) feel free to hit me up!


Welcome to Strats @Droop! How’d you find out about us?


welcome to the crazy


Welcome to my cave! YES!!! its mineeeeeeeeee!!! Have fun, go crazy and enjoy! Let us know if you need any help breaking something :wink:


Welcome to Strats! I just got into the Overwatch Beta today too!


Welcome aboard!


Thanks for the Welcome everyone! I’m in overwatch now Droopy(#1700) if youre in!


Welcome to Strats!! :smile:


Welcome to the team!


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