Hey all, thanks so much for the add!

I am a very avid League of Legends fan, and also a somewhat frequent steam user. I love all things video games and love talking about League as well as any other games! I have played almost every type of game there is and enjoyed it. I’m currently Platinum division in NA for League of Legends and I will always will be willing to add new players to play with. Message me to play.


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How hard is finding a mature game in League?

To be honest, quite hard. Given it has the largest player base out of any game in the world, it has a pretty terrible community as far as maturity and friendliness. I find myself muting teammates somewhat often and also I have turned off ‘all’ chat for all my games.

Hey buddy, welcome to the guild! If you ever want to set up an event you should post in the LFG category.

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