Hey everyone. Just signed up!

Hey guys,

I’m a 25 year old avid gamer and PhD student. I’ve played tons of MMOs including most recently FFXIV and currently Destiny (if you would even call it an MMO). I’m looking to meet more gamers like me because I tend to enjoy MMOs in part because of the social aspect. I typically lean toward harder game modes and challenging myself even at the cost of dying repeatedly in the process (yes, I have played Dark Souls). I’ve recently become a console peasant and play PS4 almost exclusively, but I also have a desktop for PC games.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting new friends and hope to game with ya guys soon.


P.S. My SN on here is esanman89 because that’s my PSN.


Sweet man, glad to have you. Make sure to read the Destiny intro thread. It has a ton of info ok it. I look forward to seeing you in game!

Welcome welcome, so if you get board of Destiny you should pick up Archeage to try on.

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Welcome aboard man!

Welcome to the Guild

Yeah a good friend of mine is trying to get me to get on it. I’m a bit afraid of the time commitment needed for it as a grad student (destiny is much more casual for me). I might pick it up at some point soon though.

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Great advice. Thank you. Hope to see you in game. I’ll be playing a pretty good bit over the next few days (its our fall break) so I definitely hope to meet a bunch of Strats people. I am also curious, do you guys also venture into MOBAs? like dota 2 or strike or HoN or LoL?

Hi Esanman! Welcome to Strats! Dark Souls Hype!

School comes first for sure, but after the intense grind to lvl 50 things have calmed down and I’m able to play casually.

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