Hey everyone :)


Hi everyone, Loltempast here. I’m a 27 year old living in Houston, Texas (south of houston). I have a wife and an awesome 3 year old son. I work as a web developer, and I really enjoy this app (as a developer and as a gamer). I’m looking for a solid community of gamers, local would be even better. But I really enjoy the following games.

  • League of Legends
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV

I used to enjoy MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XI specifically, when I had more free time. Now days I enjoy competitive games that can be playes for 1 to 2 hours at a time.

I’m excited to be a functional member of this community :smile:


Welcome @loltempast! Are you partial to PC gaming or are you sporting any console based systems?

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Welcome man! Glad to see you are using the website great already. Tommy beat me to my first question…:smirk:

North-side Houstonian here, welcome aboard :wink: There’re a few of us scattered around here and since the community has a bunch of EST and PST players, the CST lot (there’s a bunch of us) gets all kinds of gaming opportunity. I know a few folks dabble in League, not sure if anyone is rocking USF4 or not; tossing something up in the LFG category usually turns out the peeps playing the non-title games in the community.

Welcome to Strats!

I haven’t played League in almost a year, although the Rift remake is looking good. Maybe that will get me interested again.

However, I do own Street Fighter. I play some with my son; haven’t actually played an online match yet.

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Sorry I should’ve been more specific. I play PC games mostly. I do have a PS3 and a WiiU. So when smash comes to WiiU I’ll be playing a lot of that. And I plan on getting a ps4 for FFXV and KH3

Welcome, its good to see another fellow Texan join in the group. When you get your PS4, friend me, we’ll play. You will love it here, everyone is laid back and easy going.

No worries. In the beggining most of us were PC (master race) gamers. We have since branched out, so I thought I’d ask. When you do get a PS4 you should check out our up and coming GTAV Crew “Strats and Crew”. :smirk:

I play Street Fighter on Steam for which my username is Loltempast so add me up and I’m down to play anytime.

My summoner name for League of Legends is the same Loltempast

Full disclosure: I’m pretty bad. Silver 4 in League and pretty low rank in USFIV… but I love learning and improving by playing against people stronger than I.

Be sure to check out steam group here. Great way to see what people are playing and get linked in :slight_smile:

Hi loltempast welcome to Strats! Sounds like your a fan of the classic RPG’s. You mentioned Smash 4, what characters do you main or thinking of mainin’?

I was always a Marth player, but I’m thinking of branching out. I’d love to main duck hunt dog to be honest.

Definitely a fan of SNES and PS1 era RPGs.

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