Hey from Nova_215


Hey my name is Stephen, I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I was raised in the military and now I live in Minnesota. I work at a grocerie store right now looking forward to going to St Cloud State University to get my Associates in Graphic Design. I mainly play Destiny but also play Madden and The Crew. I’m a active player who just likes to have fun and laugh and joke around.


Welcome man. Glad to have ya… finally you’re one of us.


Welcome! I would love to play with you, but my PSN is broken for me :frowning:. Be sure to check the Destiny intro post for all the needed details.


Hi Stephen welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard; if you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to ask :wink:


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Welcome! How is The Crew? Worth it?


Welcome! Lots of friendly, helpful folks here who like to have fun and laugh too :smile:


Welcome I think you will fit in great.


Welcome sir,:smiley:


Welcome aboard!


@Nova: Hi Stephen + welcome to the Strats.co forums!

I hope you enjoy your time here. :smile:

(Do you have a Twitter, by any chance? I’m active there as well …)


Welcome! c:




Welcome Guardian! I play Destiny on the PS4 as Aicxe, feel free to shoot a friend request! :slight_smile:

Edit: Just realized I necro-bumped this thread. Sorry.