Hey guys, AndyK here, this is my intro :)


Good day guys, my name is Andrew, 23 years of age, from Cape Town SA,and addicted to Albion Online.

Before Albion I have played many other games mostly online games, I love competitive online games. Some of those games include Diablo, Path of Exile, Guild Wars, and been playing League of Legends for many years now.

I cannot wait to join Strats and be able to take part in the hardcore PvP action with all my new guild members. Cant wait to see some of you in game :smile:


Welcome to strats!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to strats


Another one from Cape Town? Wow haha, I’ve actually visited Cape Town last year. Welcome to the Dark Side :slight_smile:


Oh really, awsome man :slight_smile: , its a great holiday destination. Yea the other guy is actually a rl friend. Thanks glad to be here.


That’s awesome, and yes I had an AMAZING time when I visited :slight_smile:


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family @AndyK!


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