Hey Hey. I'm Knew Here


Hello everyone!! I’m new to Strats. I am an avid gamer with a love for anything that keeps my interest for longer than 5 minutes. I do ‘squirrel’ on occasion. I predominately play on PS4, however, I do play PC as well. I kinda lowkey suck because there’s a lot of keys to remember on PC, but I laugh and rage via brand new vocabulary daily.

I currently play Smite (main), BO3, Overwatch…well anything actually on PS4, but I’m mainly on Smite. As for PC, I attempt to play Evolve, Smite, Osu (makes me cry usually), Dead by Daylight, Hearthstone (also makes me cry) and whatever else may catch my interest. I’ve only been on PC for roughly 6 months.

I also stream consistently. My twitch channel: twitch.tv/xxbr3ast1cl3sxx. Um, I think that may be all. Unless a question is asked, then I’ll answer it happily.


Awesome to have you here at Strats! It sounds like you’ll fit right in with us! Let us know if you need any info or have any questions!


Awesome!! Super excited to be around other gamers!! :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the party!



Let the conversion begin!


Welcome, enjoy the party, think you’ll fit right in.


I copied my Smite account over to PS4 but I’ve only played a couple matches. I am primarily a PC user but maybe I’ll play a few games with you on PS4. I started Smite years ago when it was still in alpha/beta but haven’t played much in the past year or two.

I don’t even know what this means.

Already given you a follow. Watching the playback of your last stream.

Like the name. Is it Greek? Roman?

And welcome to Strats! How did you find us?


Thank you for the welcome!!

My PS4 name is xxbr3ast1cl3sxx so feel free to add me. I’ll be playing tomorrow. I have only been playing smite for maybe 2 months. I play on PC too, but everyone I play with has to smurf–as I literally cough and die. I leave the fountain and die. I stub my toe and die.

Hearthstone is the blizzard free to play card game that can die a slow painful death.

Thank you very much for the follow.

My name comes from people thinking I’m a littlle girl (halo days) so breast is the beginning. The last portion comes from people thinking I’m a boy, so I added testicles and breasticles (xxbr3ast1cl3sxx) was born. Breast + Testicles = breasticles.

I found strats in a reddit forum link about gaming communities, so I hopped on over, signed up and got to reading.


tankya tankya!!


Welcome! :strats_blue: :strats_green:


I guess that would be @Ausylon’s work. I think he’s the one that was posting to that Reddit. Glad to see people are still coming here from that forum.

I’m sitting in your Twitch channel now. Ready to see these Smite sk1llz.


I’m mostly a pc gamer as well. But i did play 1 game of smite on ps4 after converging my account. Maybe i’ll try and catch a game with you on there at some point if i can ever free up. Used to SMITE pretty hardcore with a bunch of RL friends. Since overwatch though we havnt played much.

You should check out albion online. A bunch of us will be there come Aug 1-3 somewhere. Might be a good place to hang out. Its kind of a no pressure game unless you want it to be.


oh and hearthstone… The gameplay is fun to pickup and play a quick game, but the meta is real there. And that game cost a fortune to be competitive. Sadly, if i’m playing a CCG/TCG it better be one i can get somewhere with little investment. Sadly theres not much of those around. Chronicles: Runescape, MTG and HEX are all in the same boat (although HEX is the best and still fun every now and then). Spellweaver and Duelyst are the only ones that you can get somewhere on the cheap. Duelyst i would think would be a good game to stream since theres anctive hex board to move your summons around.


Awesome!!! I’m upgrading my PC right now with a new power supply and heatsink. My smite skills are hilarious.


Welcome to the fun house.


Welcome aboard


ty ty


tyvm <3




Thank you very much for the welcome~~