Hey! I'm Boom!


Hey, what’s goin on guys, I’m Boomstiik, Boom for short. I’ve been playing with some friends that are apart of Strats, and I was hoping to be able to join them! I play WoW, SWTOR, you name it. Mostly I’ve been playing Destiny recently on PS4. I’m from just outside St. Louis, so if you’re in the area, feel free to drop me a line.


Welcome Boom! Call out your friends :smile: , who encouraged you to check us out?


DanceBurgerDance and Wxqie!


Awesome! Glad you found us. Poke around the forums there is a lot of good information spanning a bunch of games and game related topics. Btw, I just accepted your Destiny request. See ya in game.


Will do, and thanks! i’ll be there!


Nice to have ya, welcome


Welcome aboard!


Hello Boom! Every now and then I consider giving SWTOR another shot. I think it’s just nostalgia for SWG and wanting a Star Wars universe MMORPG though.


Hi Boom welcome to Strats!


Hey boom. I’ll add you since I’ve been on a Destiny binge lately.


Welcome to the Dark side brother. Seen your name around with Dance happy to see you’ve joined us, Welcome


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