Hey I'm Jim :D


Hi there!

So I’ve decided on this community to play ArcheAge. Just bought the founder Gold pack. Can’t wait to level together with mature, likeminded people.

I’m a web developer and do some graphic design. I also have been playing MMOs for a while now…WoW since Alpha and EQ before that.



Welcome to Strats Jim, if you have any other multiplayer games you like to play let us know. If we don’t already have a Strats group for it one could be made.


I play ArcheAge (If you need officers let me know), WoW, CS GO, Dead Rising 3, Borderlands for the most part now.

Let me know if you’d like me to help out with new groups if needed!


Welcome on board glad to have more archeage people! We are getting ready for headstart so I’ll see you there!


Same here. Is there a headstart plan for housing plot reservations or anything? Need any officers?


Dat forward thinking and motivation; welcome aboard! :thumbsup:


Yes there is a plan but its not public, we have the advantage of going into a semi low pop server for head start so we will let you know on mumble as soon as we are in. Just be ready.


Ok cool. How many of us are there?


I anticipate about 25 to 30 but our numbers will rise through in game recruiting. It’s harder to find people committed to a pirates life. So I believe our final main core roster will formulate later on as we approach level 50. We need 20 to be able to go pirate efficiently.


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