Hey, I'm Lewes17

Hi all,

I’m Lewes! I play a lot on PS4 (PSN: Lewes17) and that’s the best place to find me if you want to play games like Destiny with me. I also play on PC, but have been playing more single player games there of late (already saw a Steam ID list and will likely add myself to it later). I like to play a wide variety of games and challenge myself to try different types of games as much as I can. Outside of games I love hockey and music. I’m good friends in real life with @PittInjury and can be found playing with him often! I’d like to say thanks to him for directing me here, I’ve already had great experiences with members from this community and look forward to many more.



*forced welcoming voice *

Welcome Lewes! Feel free to add yourself to the PlayStation Name Swap for Destiny post, and add those people to your friends list if you so choose! Also, feel free to add yourself to the Strats and Crew GTA V Roster and join our crew on Social Club! If you have any questions, any of our lovely regulars would be happy to answer them for you! Thanks for joining our forum of mature games like you, and welcome to Stats!


Welcome to the Dark side brother, happy to see you finally join!

Hello there Lewes, welcome!

Welcome! c:

Welcome! Can’t wait to see you in Destiny.

Hi Lewes welcome to Strats!

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