Hey, I'm Tyr. Typically playing on PC and PS4

Hi all,

I found Strats from a Destiny r/fireteams post. I’ve been looking for a clan to play with for a while now.

I’m also big into Hearthstone, League, and just started playing WoW.

I’m Tyrrexx on Steam, Tyrrexx5 on PSN, and Tyrrexx#1392.

Glad to meet you all.



Hey mate, welcome aboard! We’ve got a Steam group you’re welcome to join up along with the Destiny clan you’re obviously aware of. Let us know if you have any questions. I’m a total bad ass and wizard of the forum in case you were wondering. :wink:

Edit: @Vocino please take my Moderationator powers away. I’m drunk with power and I don’t like being called a bad ass or wizard.


Welcome aboard! Be sure to check out the Destiny intro post (which I totally linked from my phone like a baus) it’s got all the info you need.

Edit: I enjoy long walks on the beach and picking fights with @Auth when he hooks my post up to keep me from looking like a complete ninny :wink:

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Hi Tyr welcome to Strats! What do you play in Hearthstone? How do you feel about the new Goblins Vs. Gnomes cards?

Welcome to the Dark side! You ready for that destiny expansion?

what it do…? Hit up @Majordomo for some WoW craziness.

Welcome Tyr!

Thanks everyone. I requested to be a part of the PS4 group and clan. And as for GvG, I’m so excited for the new cards, they seem like a blast. No pun intended.


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