Hey, my name is BeagKAPOW!

Hey guys & gals, I saw the post on reddit r/fireteams and decided to sign up. It was the mature, non frag talk requirements that piqued my interest. I’m 24, working as a Programmer (.NET C# Web stack)/Scrum Master at the moment in the UK. I play probably play a couple of hours most nights and a few more than that on Sundays.

My main focus at the moment is Destiny (31 Hunter) on Xbox One, but have enjoyed playing a while range of games in the past (DayZ etc on PC).

Thanks for reading and I will hopefully see some of you in action soon! =D



Welcome! Glad to see a new person for xbone. We are mainly on PS4, but would love to expand. We have some members over there and they can be found in the name swap.

Hi @BeagKAPOW welcome to Strats!

Yay PC, welcome aboard mate!

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Welcome to the Dark side brother


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