Hey Strats, looking forward to playing with everyone


Sup guys, I’m Sterling or (DanceBurgerDance) (PS4). I’m a programmer, ride motorcycles, 23 and male.

I work essentially a 9-5 job CST so I will almost always be available during the week after 5pm. I tend to stay up relatively late (12-1). Feel free to add me on PSN if you’d like to play or run a raid. Currently leveling as fast as possible.

I also play other games as well, but Destiny will be my main timesink for the moment. (PVZ, Minecraft, Cod:Ghosts, anything along those lines, I like to play)

Feel free to add me, just make sure you send a message with it, so that I know who you are and can mentally log it.



What sort of code do you write?


@Vocino has cleverly bait the line and teased it into position; let’s see how it goes


Do you play BF4 on PC?


If you play Battlefield on PC at all join one of the Strats clans. We are a bit small now as we are still trying to get this going.



I code in C# mainly. I dabble in a bit of iOS for work as well as html/asp.net.

I do play BF4 on PC, but not all that often. I can at least say that I won’t be a death sponge though! (s0ulfi3nd is the name on bf3/4)


One of us one of us, I’m Wheatums310 on BF4


I sent you a friend invite on BF3 and 4. If you accept I can get you into the Strats platoons and we might be able to get this thing moving.


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