Hey Strats o/ Hanging High!


Looking for the right place to be for a game that is obviously focused on community and the need for more peoples. I see tons of people from INC, watched a bunch of PVP related things about INC and strats. I want to be able to pvp when I can, and I hate not being able to when I don’t have much time to play. I play a lot of competitive and hardcore games and have moved into albion! Cheers!


Welcome to Strats! We play a lot of different games. What else do you play?


Welcome! :strats_blue:


Welcome to the community.


Welcome to Strats!!


Sorry literally just got home from work! I play CS:GO, Runescape, EVE, Heroes of the storm, Starcraft 2, H1Z1, DayZ, Shovel Knight, Albion, Dota 2

I like Moba’s, RPG’s, and Mostly Competitive Games


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