Hey Strats! RadSavage checking in


Games Playing: ESO, Dota 2
Favorite Games: CS 1.6, SC: BW, Warcraft 3, MineCraft, Dota 2
ESO handle @RadSavage
Steam: RadSavage

I’m a filthy casual through and through, and I’ve been mucking around the same games my whole life for the most part.
First year out of college and still getting used to the work/life balance (read: balance vidya games/sleep).

I found Strats looking for a tight-knit ESO guild. The thing that always pulled me to games long term has been the community, and you guys seem to have a happy home here. It’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you :pineapple:


Hey Rad, I saw you on ESO last night. Welcome! You’ve definitely found your tight-knit group here.


Hi RadSavage glad to meet you officially in an introduction! Happy to have ya’ll a------part of the teameroonie.

I would disagree with the casual statement :wink: Those are some intense high skill games you listed there.

What are you looking for in ESO? PVP? PVE?


Welcome to Strats!

This my friend is a life long challenge. :wink:

Let me know if you need anything. This is a good starting point if you have not found it yourself.

This should get you primed for adventuring with the ESO bunch.

Welcome again!


Hey that’s not nice.


I don’t get it? :sadgumball: Poor Grammar?


Welcome to strats. What are your thoughts on heros of the storm.


“a part” != “apart”

I always feel so lonely when we’re apart.

They made me feel like I was a part of the family.


Grammar lessons with vocino.


You made it!!

See you in Mumble!


That’s going to be my new stream show.


“a part” == “apart” && Vocino != bossOfNubhugs


Let’s discuss his APM or KDA, then we’ll gauge his filthiness. :laughing:


welcome to Strats!


Welcome! It’s my first year out of college and still trying to balance out the work life and video game so I feel you on that


It’s my… 15th year out of college and still trying to balance work life and video games.

And I haven’t worked for 5 years now.


hah, i was gonna say something similar…i’m out of college 16 years now, and i’m still working on it too.


Thank you all for the warm welcome and the grammar lesson.

As for the high skill games, I always preferred playing the mods to the pure game.
In CS 1.6 I played a TON of superhero mod.
In SC: BW I played mostly UMS (use map settings / custom) games like LOTR and Defense - but I was ultra-pro at those so there’s that.

For ESO I’m focusing on PvE for the first few months, but am very curious about PvP as well. My MMO experience is unimpressive (private server WoW to level 40 on one char and quit; ~6M of Ragnarok Online private server). I’ve yet to immerse myself enough into an MMO to taste the bludgeoned flesh of my defeated enemies, and hopefully I’ll stick with ESO :smiley:

Feels like we’re going to have alot of fun here


This guy gets it.


:sadgumball: Save us Rad, only you can bring fun to this forum.