Hey there! McKenzie here.<3


Hello there, Strats.co! My name is McKenzie, but I refer to a bajillion different names:
W1thl0v3 (PSN,Elder Scrolls Online)
Katjaa (ESO)
Kenz, Mck, Mac, etc.
so feel free to call me whatever!

I love MMOs, and I’m currently obsessed with Elder Scrolls Online. I beta tested in the earlier stages and, now that it has become free to play, I can justify getting more involved in it. I am a huge Elder Scrolls nerd, but I also play Destiny and a little GTAV on PS3.

I’m a college student and I also work as a freelance graphic designer in my sparetime. I specialize in logo design, branding, and digital illustration, so if you need anything done, I’m your girl!

Looking for a good group to PvP and grow with in Elder Scrolls and wherever else my gaming journey takes me.


Welcome to Strats @Katjaa!! glad to have you with us and if you need anything please feel free to ask! :smile:


Thanks so much! I have been looking for a good gaming community for a while now, so you’ll probably hear from me then haha!


Hey welcome to strats

My wife’s name is Katja to :blush:


Welcome to strats! Good to have ya


Welcome to Strats! Can’t wait to see you in game, although I won’t know what to call you.


Welcome aboard! Hopefully see you in eso


Welcome @Katjaa.

We have a fairly diverse group here that plays MMOs, MOBAs, shooters and even farm simulators. Come check out our Mumble server if you would like to chat with some members. There’s often a group on there playing CS:GO as well as members playing various games. Currently we’re into TESO, and Heroes of the Storm has gained attention this week.




Welcome to strats :smiley:


Welcome to Strats, Kenz!

I joined both ESO and Strats two weeks ago and have to say it’s one of the friendliest communities I’ve ever played with. You’re going to love your time here, and I hope I’ll catch up in ESO someday and join you in PvP! What role/alliance are you playing?

With Love,


Glad to have another ESO player. Are you playing on PC or do you plan to play on console?


Hi McKenzie Welcome to Strats! What are you looking to do in ESO, PVP or PVE?


Welcome to Strats! I know there are plenty of folks here aboard the MMO, Destiny, and GTAV trains, so you’ll have no problem finding people to game with. Enjoy your stay.


Thank you for all the kind words, everyone! I was not expecting such a positive and friendly welcoming, and I really appreciate it.

I will definitely be checking out mumble today!

@Dynamible feel free to call me whatever! Katjaa or McKenzie or whatever is fine hehe.
@ghosthog Looking forward to it!
@teh_ninjaneer That’s awesome! I would love to meet more members and check out a variety of new games and what not.
@RadSavage As of right now, I’m a level 38 Dunmer so Ebonheart Pact. I think ya’ll are primarily AD based, I think? Might be able to create a new character if need be.
@Wayward Right now I’m actually on a Mac(lol) because it’s pretty much all I use for my work and projects and art. My summer debate is whether or not to get a PS4 or build my own gaming PC, and I’m sincerely leaning towards the latter. I love my Mac, but there’s just not enough games to play unless I run bootcamp.
@Nubhugs I would love to do a little bit of everything really! I’ve kind of been a lone wolf as of late, because I just haven’t found a group to go with. I’m down for whatever!

I hope I answered everyone’s questions! Feel free to hit me up in game or on here!


Welcome! Whatever you so choose on the PS4/PC front, we’ll be there with you! There are quite a few of us that have a PS4, and many more that have gaming PC’s.

Let us know what you decide, and if you need any help!


Strats members are mainly focused on PC and PS4, though we do have some members with the XB1 as well.

On the PC side we have guys interested in League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, as I mentioned earlier. And of course our TESO players. Then there are various Steam games that come up. In the future we hope to be playing Star Citizen.

On PS4 we have a Destiny squad and GTA5 crew. There’s a couple of discussions on the site about Bloodborne. People also play Borderlands and Dragon Age multiplayer. Then there’s the occasional PSPlus free game that gets some attention.

At the end of the year we intend to be playing Star Wars Battlefront on one or both of these platforms.

So whichever one you choose there should be people to game with.


Welcome to Strats!

This is one of the many things that set us apart. :wink:

This is very interesting to me. Do you have a portfolio I could look at?


Do you have a portfolio to share with us?


Awesome! I’m not much of an xbox person (though I love the Halo franchise), so it would definitely be between the two. A lot of my friends have built their own PC, but I have not. It’s definitely something I would like to try and gradually upgrade, if that makes sense?

I love that you guys play such a variety of games. Should be fun! :slight_smile: