Hey there! Tituskin here!


Hey there! My name is Holden Smith, I joined up with you guys from PlanetSide 2 on the PC! Im looking forward to hanging out with everyone and hopefully doing some streaming, making some videos, and generally having a blast. Until then! See you on the battlefield!


Welcome to the Dark side brother!


Welcome! I played a little bit of PlanetSide 2 a while back on the Vanu side. Was pretty fun!




Great to see you on the forums Tituskin, make sure you check out our planetside, and tv threads.




Welcome welcome. So many PS2 players. Maybe I can recruit some of you guys to teach me how not to be bad.


I can do better than that read this and you’ll be on your way to being a boss. If you need extra help I will personally teach you with the help of the other outfit members.


Hi Holden, welcome! I hope you and your fearless leader @Zontago represent us all over Planet Side 2!


Hello and welcome to Strats, @Tituskin! :smiley: Nice to meet you.


Welcome aboard :smile:


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