HeyGuys Introducing your New Healer!


Hello everyone, My name is Pedro, I’m 25, from Brazil

I first started MMORPG’s at 12 years playing Tibia luring somes GS for free loot (got into top10 lvl rankings at the time). After that i played alot of WoW hardcore PvEing (healing and tanking) and MOBAS, i played for the past 5 years alot of DotA/LoL until I found Albion.

Now Im completly into this game and i really want to be with the best!
Currently im a holy healer t6/4.3 with lots of free time to put into the game.
I’m always watching DemonEnder/Klutchh stream’s and thats exactly the type of guild im looking for. Hope i can help you guys too.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Welcome to Strats!! Merry Christmas to you as well :smile:


Welcome to Strats! Check out the other games we play together too!


Welcome friend!
Glad to have you.


Welcome aboard.


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