Hi! and thanks for the add!

Hey fellow gamers!
The names jacob, Jake or Jake-up lol video games have been a big part of my life since I was 3 it’s amazing how short of a time ago some of use played on a plastic console with cartridges and now we have amazing games like battle field and destiny
My top 5 game series are as follow
1 resident evil
2 metal gear
3 final fantasy
4 halo
5 any Tom Clancy games

I’m in the U.S military (Air Guard) and my civilian job is team lead assembly line worker. I work third shift so night time play is limited to one day a week so I mostly play in the mornings and early evenings. So if you ever want to play just let me know! My Psn account is The_Emerican21
I’m really glad to be apart of this guild!

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Welcome to Strats! Now who do I know in the Air Guard… :smile:

I see where some of the guys have offered some help in Destiny tonight. They are great and have helped me immensely. Thanks @SkullKontrol for stepping up. Once again welcome and see ya in game.

Hey welcome Jake! I’m in the Air Guard as well, probably your unit! Did Tommy recruit you? I too love all the Metal Gear games and Tom Clancy games. Really looking forward to the Phantom Pain and the new Rainbow Six. Playing Destiny on PS3 right now, and some PC games on steam.


Yes sir I’m in the unit. I’m with motorpool and yes Tommy recruited me along with A.J.
The metal gear series is Prolly one the most in-depth series with amazing storylines. Ha I still have the very first metal gear 1 for ps1 un opened!

… Then how do you know if it’s good or not?

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Lol because I have 2 copies

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