Hi folks, I'm Ryan


And I’m new here! A little background about me:
Age: 27
Time Zone: Alaska
Number of currently subscribed or F2P MMO’s: 6

As you can see, I bounce around quite a bit. I usually play for a little while every night, (but I’m getting married next month so that might dwindle a little) and one thing I’ve always struggled with is finding a community within the games I play. I signed up here after reading a recruitment post on the /r/esoguilds subreddit, but it seems like a very friendly, mature place.

ESO: Aldmeri Dominion on NA megaserver
Wildstar: Exile and Dominion on Entity
GW2: Henge of Denravi
LoTRO: Brandywine
SW:TOR: Empire or Republic on Harbinger
Neverwinter: Beholder (I think, it’s been a while)

As you can tell, I’ll bounce around quite a bit depending on the games or whats going on in them (I played a lot during 12x exp in SWTOR, for example) I have a core group of old friends that have spread out across the country that I try to play with from time to time, but life does get in the way.

Look forward to seeing you all in game(s)!


You are an MMORPG machine, Ryan. Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the Dark side, brother. I used to be the same way, but i haven’t touched most of those games in years lol. Happy to have you here.


Welcome to Strats!


I used to be a hardcore MMOer. Then I got married.

Not that the same will happen to you, of course. :laughing:

My 10-day (re)trial of Wildstar just ended. I probably spent 2 hours or less in the game. I tried creating a new character and got about halfway thru Northern Wilds. Logged onto one of my 50s, did a few double-jumps then logged out. I wanted to like that game so bad but the appeal has left me.

Welcome to Strats!


Welcome aboard,

Hope to see you in-game tonight [ESO] @Wayward and I are going to try and do the intro dungeons (BC, Fungal Grotto, and that other one…)


Welcome to strats Ryan! If you need anything please feel free to ask.


Hi, Ryan! Welcome to Strats. :smile:


Hi Ryan welcome to Strats! Of the list, which one is your favorite or does that change when you swap around? :stuck_out_tongue:


Spindle Clutch


Thanks! I guess you could say I was a machine… if that machine never really left the first couple streets it got on to and then parked itself for long periods at a time :smile:


Thanks! At the moment, very much enjoying ESO. I like games that are very lore-heavy and ESO has that in spades. Probably why I like MMO’s in general also. I really WANT to like Wildstar, but I’m having trouble with that one :slight_smile: I’ve always liked Star Wars but it’s the definition of “theme park” so it’s easy to get burned out, especially when trying to see the stories of multiple classes. And I haven’t played a game since EQ where the world felt as epic as it does in LOTRO. So I guess I haven’t found “the one MMO to rule them all” (hah…ha… sorry) so I just keep dipping my toes in different pools!


Welcome Aboard! Hope to see you in ESO :slight_smile:


Meme’s are always welcome in my book Tangle. Our good friend @Vocino is also a memester :dickbutt:


Seriously, the dude is insatiable!
[ /)*(\ ][1]

Welcome aboard, @Tanglebear; let us know if you have any questions or issues :wink:
[1]: Clearly, there's a need to educate


Auth! NO!



:sadgumball: :sadgumball: :sadgumball: Poor Tangle, he just wanted to greet everyone. Now it’s nothing but meme’s and feels. pls forgive @Tanglebar


Hah! I just hope I can hang with the masters :wink:


Welcome to Strats