Hi from AquilaKugelblitz

Hi all,
I found my way to the Strats Discord via Reddit and I’m liking the vibe here so far. I’m a 38 yo physicist who tries to get in an hour or two of gaming most nights. I’m an ESO enthusiast and I play a smattering of other games like Diablo 3, Rift, Minecraft, War for the Overworld.

Happy to join the community!


Welcome :slight_smile:
Are you playing super modded up minecraft or do you prefer vanilla? I recently got back into it again and I am very excited for the next update.

Welcome! Hop in Discord and chill with us.

Great to have you!

Hi there Preshus! I mostly play Vanilla but I’d be up for trying out some of the modded minecraft. Seen a few vids on YouTube and some of the mods look awesome.

Thanks Vocino! You’ll be sure to see me lurking around on Discord.

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Hey mate, welcome to the party! If D3 is a game you enjoy, it might be worth taking a look at Path of Exile (free-to-play Diablo-esque game); they just dropped their latest league patch and there are a few folks checking it out at the moment. Also, let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:

Thanks Auth and cheers for the suggestion. Just checked out Path of Exile and you’re right, it looks right up my street, definite D3 look to it. Looks like I now know what I’ll be getting into this weekend. :grinning:

If you’re into min/maxing, I recommend checking out http://timtips.com for ideas (the passive tree is daunting at first glance).

Cheers Auth, always handy to have a bit of guidance when navigating new skill trees. I’ll be sure to take a look.

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