Hi from Austin :-)


Hey folks, im stbullock56. I served in the Marine Corps with @Wheatception and am here to play me some Destiny 2.


Welcome! What platform are you playing on? Join the clan here: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2104746


Welcome to Strats!! :smile: :strats_green:


@Vocino do you know if you can join 2 clans?


I think at least in Destiny 1 you could join more than one and then set one as primary to display the tag and whatnot.



Players can only belong to one Clan on a Destiny account


Welcome aboard!


Yet one more joins our folds.


Any friend of @Wheatception will be treated with caution and suspicion :wink:

Seriously though, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues.


Welcome to Strats! Feel free to grab a :beer: from the cooler.

Wait… you probably deserve many :beers: for having to put up with @Wheatception.


Wait… where’s our cooler? No one informed me of a beer cooler when I joined!

@stbullock56 welcome to strats! :slight_smile:


@lyteforce got the job earlier this year of maintaining the bar, IIRC; you were around before we installed it, but you’re free to grab what you like :wink:


Hell ya, beer time! :beers:


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