Hi, how is everyone here?

I’m new here. A friend invited me and said it was a pretty chill, mature environment.

I’m a streamer at twitch.tv/valentinej where I do mostly horror games and a touch of “whatever” flavour. My schedule a bit wonky at the moment though as I’m balancing with work, job searching, and another competitive hobbies.

Haven’t set up my profile yet. Just thought I’d pop in a friendly “hello” first! :]



Welcome to the Dark side brother (or sister).

After visiting the Twitch channel, it’s possible this may be a “sister.”

But we’ll wait for verification. :smiley:


Hello there! I enjoy some good survival horror games as well, though lately I’ve been very frustrated with the GC Resident Evil games. Any plans to stream a horror game for Friday the 13th?


hmmm… fixed it

Yaaaaay. First James + now you! Welcome to Strats, Valentine! <3

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Welcome! c:

Great to have you

Hello and welcome to Strats. I was wondering if you happen to like anime, if you do what is your favorite one? I like new people as much as I like to roam around with flowers.

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And he really likes to roam around with flowers. It’s odd but we accept all people here… :slight_smile:

Welcome to Strats! I am glad you are here and looking forward to checking out your stream!

Hi Motoko welcome to Strats! What is your favorite horror game?

Hello, welcome to Strats


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