Hi! I am Cross

Hi you can call me cross. I’ve been playing MMOs awhile but casually. Currently I’m playing Rift and just started archeage. I love open worlded games like skyrim with large worlds to explore. A game should give you freedom I believe. I came upon strats in my ESO news feed. I’ve been following the game news since launch and am looking forward to playing it in the future. Hopefully I’ll find friends here before that.


Welcome, and I’m sure you will. Do you just play MMOs or do you branch out to other titles?

Welcome friend!
Have you played ESO at all or are you just following the happenings?

I do play shooters, racing and RTS games on the pc. I played COD mw3 and starcraft 2 earlier this year. But I’m currently on an mmo phase. :smile: tried tera, aion and rift before settling on rift and been playing that for a few months now. I don’t play more than a couple of games at a time.


Hi wayward, I’m just following the happenings closely for now. I’m thinking I’ll join in early the coming year after the new updates settle in.

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After the January patch I’ll probably jump back in with the rest of Strats.

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I say this is a good plan.

The new Champion System should make end game progression 100X better. And the Justice system should add a little flavor to the world itself.


You guys should be sure to hit up the who’s playing poll if you haven’t already :smiley:

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Hi Cross, welcome to Strats! I heard that Rift was a really well done MMO with some good ideas. Sounds like already from the comments your a gamer of many tastes!

Welcome, go to have you.

Welcome! Hope to see you around!

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