Hi I am Daniel aka xploz1on - PS4 Gamer

I have been gaming for as long as i can remember… The Fist console i have ever lay my eyes into was a Coleco Vision… Boy it was a blast that weird looking phone thing / controller. I still have it and it works!! Games like

Oh and HEY!! i am not that old… I am just 31 Years old…

Right now been playing Lots and lots of destiny. My main is a Titan Level 30 with his female sister and a warlock level 29.

Im always helping friends and i do around 15 Vault of Glass each week any mode. Hit me up if anyone need help. I start helping after Thursday.

Best regards,

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WElcome to the community! You work fast. Check out the intro post and dont forget to add everyone the PSN name swap. Looking forward to another helper. Maybe you can help out on Sherpa Tuesdays?

Hi @xploz1on welcome to Strats! Glad to see more Destiny guys enter the fray

Hey @xploz1on, welcome to Strats! I’m 32 so I’ll go with “not that old” too :smile:

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Welcome @xploz1on. Thanks for joining our team.

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