Hi i am domo 2.0


Hi all! So since i have been gone for a few months i thought i would reintroduce my self.

My name is Andrew i am 27 and an EMT for AASI and i also freelance as a researcher for a number of colleges in Europe on subjects such as politics, organised crime, security etc. I have a BA and MA in Political science and Organised Crime as well as my EMT-B and soonish EMT-P. I reside in Louisiana and i am an avid (or used to be) gamer. I am a founding member but had to step away (vanish more like) from the gaming life to focus on work. Now that i finally have time for games again (new permanent schedule!) i hope i can infiltrate your crews and commit atrocious acts of pixel murderin! (should also note i was born and raised in Greece hence the accent on mumble!)

You can find me playing mostly:
Marvel Heroes
HotS and so many more games:D


Welcome back! Hopefully will see you in HotS. You can find some of our battlenet tags here: Heroes of the Storm Official Team Thread


Welcome back man!


What’s 2.0? Did you get a new nose?


Welcome back!


Welcome back to the Dark side hehe


Welcome back to the party, @Majordomo: the original on-again/off-again member of Strats; why do you toy with our emotions so?!


Welcome back! :smiley:


@Auth A w̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶ domo is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.


Oh do I see this rigt another European N?
Pfff I am not alone? I am not alone? I am not alone? :blush:


Wow…the Vanisher returns!!! lol welcome back man.


Welcome back!


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