Hi I am Klutch


I am back :stuck_out_tongue:


also logged onto mumble and no one was on :frowning:


Hey @Klutchkandy, welcome!

How did you find us? Yeah mumble is somewhat dead right now due to a lot of PS4 games being played.


Idk man, i found you in may on reddit. this is klutch. You nerd. you deleted my other account.


What? No I didn’t. http://forum.strats.co/users/klutch/activity


Me, guardian x, sinvisible and some folks from aa are usually on mumble. Currently playing wow hit me up if you do too.


@Klutchkandy, use the password recovery. Otherwise, send me a PM if you want your real account back.




Can I delete the new account?



Also, welcome back!


Welcome Back!


It’s Klutch!


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