Hi, I'm ATXAquaman


Hi, my name’s Greg.
Been gaming consistently since my parents got me a Nintendo in 1988. I keep it pretty casual these days (since getting married), sticking mainly to RTSes and Remastered versions of the games I grew up on. But my wife and I have found a nice middle ground in the Disney Infinity series! Haven’t gone next gen yet, but hoping to ASAP. I’m a noob everywhere I go, so I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone here! Game on!

  • Greg
    "Safety First, Then Teamwork"


Hey Greg! Welcome. How’d you find us?


Hi Greg welcome to Strats!


Hey buddy!! You gotta get down on the Star Wars set.


Welcome to Strats! What games are you playing now?


Oh, you know I’m gonna!


Hey mate, welcome to the party! You’re not the only one who got their start on the NES. Let us know if you have any issues or questions :wink:




He works with my wife at The Zach Theater.


Disney Infinity 2.0, Age of Empires II HD, occasionally WoW


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Are you going to get Infinity 3.0?


Ah! That guy is on a recruiting roll. In fact, he just won The Witcher 3 in our share contest!



Hey Greg. Welcome to the family.
Ar you maybe considering to try Albion online?
Or maybe Crowfall?
If you don’t know that games check it out


Welcome aboard! And Greg is a great name :slight_smile: not too many of us that I know of even though its old lol


That’s plan A. Ever since I heard there was an unlockable landspeeder in 2.0, I got way too excited (for any grown man) for the 3.0 announcement last week.


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


Yay Infinity! Welcome!


Welcome, Aquaman. :smiley:


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