Hi, im Blackji from AO


Hello everyone, im trying to join you and just saw i have to introduce myself so !
Well, first im French that’s why i don’t have a really good English ! :slight_smile:

My name is brandon, im a 24 years old ! I started playing vidéo game at 11 years old, like : Wolfenstein Ennemy territory, Dofus, Wow, Sc2, CS:1.6/source/go, Rust, h1z1, league of legend, HoTs, GTA Samp RP, and a ton’s of other game that i can’t remember right now !

I was a member of team millenium but not for my competitive skill, only for the journalist’s team (for CS 1.6 source and GO) i went to 11 lan’s event with them, it was pretty fun and a really nice experiment !

Now, im working in switzerland as an “Watch builder” (Don’t know the word in English sorry bro <3)

Thank for reading me and sorry for my English ! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard.




Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to Strats! It sounds like you are much more elite then I. I’m just a filthy casual.


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