Hi I'm Chippeee

I’m Chippeee and just started playing Planeside 2. I’m not exactly sure how I joined strats. I just clicked Y whenever I got an in-game message :slight_smile: Glad I did though, you guys seem like a great bunch. I’ve played a ton of WoW in my past and always enjoyed the PvP. I never got into FPS games but I’m starting to love it. My favorite is playing an infiltrator and shooting unsuspecting enemies right in the face. I want to learn to play an “SMG infiltrator”. The videos I’ve seen make it look really fun. My second favorite is combat medic. My main in WoW was a healer. I enjoy playing the support role and helping the team stay alive or rezzing to help keep our position on the battlefield.

I haven’t played computer games for a while and it’s nice getting back into them. I currently play Android games: Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Puzzle & Dragons, Elune Saga, and Game of War.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome! The planet side crew is killing it.

Hey Chippee! I dig infiltrator as well.

Welcome to the Dark side brother.

Hi Chippee welcome to Strats! I too enjoy playing the medic/healer in games due to my WoW Priest ties. Glad to have you apart of the team!

By the way, do you enjoy orange juice with or without pulp?

Great to see you here Chippee I’ll see you on the battlefield. Make sure to look at the planetside thread, and any other you have a interest in.

Welcome to Strats


Welcome to Strats. I hope you enjoy your time here. :smiley:

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