Hi Im Cody ( Djgraph404 PSN, Hakb404 Xbx)


My name is Cody, I currently play on PS4.

Currently playing GTA V , looking to get FIFA 15 and the new CoD soon tho. Also play Football Manager 13 at the moment ( Lets go Chelsea !!!). I love Bethesda games, and have all the collectors editions released on Xbox 360. I cant wait for Fallout and Elder Scrolls to come out on PS4.

Still kind of a rookie at GTA V, i got a little bit of skill, but super low level. Looking for a strong Team to build with and dominate Los Santos.

Feel free to message me anytime, im down to play whenever im not working. Look forward to meeting and gaming with all of you!


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Hey Cody, welcome! Looking forward to have you in the GTA crew!

Welcome to the Dark side brother!

Welcome Cody!

Hey guys, Just wanted to say thank you for the warm reception!


Hi Cody welcome to Strats! It is awesome to see more GTA players. Don’t worry about being a rookie it’s just all about having fun with your friends :smile:

You can join our Strats crew for GTA [here][1]. That post has the step by step on how to join the crew. You can find a list of all the PS4 GTA players [here][2]. That post is editable so you can add your name to the list. The game tries to add you in free roam sessions with your friends and crew member when possible so add us all!

Looking forward to seeing you in game!
[1]: How to Become a Member of GTA V Crew - Strats and Crew
[2]: Strats and Crew GTA V Roster

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welcome, you will love the Strats crew

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