Hi! I'm Dewy! Looking for some fellow Eso players!


Hello! I’m Dewy, I play ESO and path of exile mainly at the moment. I am just getting back into ESO - I haven’t played since May, and I was kicked out of my old guild for inactivity. I stumbled upon this group from the ESO subreddit.

In real life, I am a competitive powerlifter and chemical engineer. I’ll be going for my masters next year, so I’m sure I will need some video games to keep me sane!

I’d love to meet more ESO players, so I can run some trials and dungeons. I am only level 30, though, and I’m sure my build needs some help.


Welcome to Strats! Feel free to grab a virtual :beer: from the virtual cooler. As far as ESO goes, there are a few people on PC & PS4 who are known to fire it up from time to time. Which platform do you run with?


Hey mate, welcome to the party! @Rotaugen is the resident ESO expert, so if it’s build help you’re in need of, I expect he could help you out. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


I am on PC/NA and my username is julietonnes. My steam username is macaroonz and I’d also love to have more friends there too!

As far as builds go, I am running a Stamblade. I have been dying a lot since I’ve picked it back up. It seems like I’m getting stunned and rooted more as well. Although since I am only level 30, I don’t know if it’s worth investing in good gear yet.


First of all, welcome to Strats!

I haven’t played ESO in a bit, but generally it’s not worthwhile to invest in gear until your CP160. For now, you can prob just use the gear that drops, or if you want to find a crafter to do a cheap training set or something of the sort. I personally when leveling alts just use the gear I find and occasionally get a new training set crafted every 20-30 levels.

Sounds like you used to play and took a break, so not sure how much you know about the leveling system. Once you hit level 50, you’re going to start gaining Champion Points. I believe you start at 10, and you get a daily boost of increased XP gain to help level. Your gear at level 50 will start to increment with your CP level. Same idea as before. So it’s truly not worth going all out and getting a nice build done until you’re CP160.

Getting nice gear for you is expensive and you’ll outgrow it fast. So once again, find someone who’s able to do some basic training gear or something else that might service you for 20-40 levels, and then upgrade again either with gear you find, or some more crafting. Don’t invest to heavily though because you’re going to need to spend a small fortune for some nice CP160 gear.

That all said, I’m not certain who in Strats is a crafter and still plays regularly. Again @Rotaugen might be able to help out there; but not sure what he’s runs tbh.


I’ve been running around in Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the last week, but I’m 2 years ahead of the CP cap in ESO, so it was ok to take some time off. I am on PC NA server in ESO, and my crafting character has it maxed for every trait/set in the game, so I can make anything craftable. I think my ESO account name is Rotaugen454. I’ve run every bit of content in the game, so I can give pointers on anything you would want to do.


100% agree with this. The ROI is really low on your time or gold spent before CP160.


Awesome, mind if I send you a friend request? Just logged for the night, but probably will be on again on Wednesday. I dont think I need anything crafted now based on other people’s suggestions, but it would be nice to have a friend in game!


No problem. Just let me know what the ESO name is so I know who its from.

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