Hi im hyren, lets have fun!


just bought the game yesterday and already super pumped for this alpha hope to get to know everyone, and have fun playing.

p.s. need a guild invite :smiley: ign: hyrenfreak


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Aside from Albion, what other titles are you into? Also, let us know if you have any issues or questions :wink:


atm mostly just this and terraria, but ive played many other mmos, and mobas over the years taht i still play occasionally


Right on; I assume you’re pumped about the 1.3 update coming out for Terraria :wink:


of course its going to be awesome, but me and my friend are doing the first play through together and his hours to play are more limited so i’ll be playing this more than terraria for a while.


Note that when you say “this” you are speaking to an audience that plays a ton of different games, not just Albion Online.


ya my grammar fails when i try to type fast


Not sure what you mean. I was talking about the assumption that we’re talking about the same game. Framing your posts from a reference point of Albion Online doesn’t work as well on this forum since we play many different games.

Hope that helps.


ya thats what i meant, instead of saying this i should have said albion or albion online


Welcome! Any other MMOs?


ya pretty much all the more popular mmos.


Welcome to the dark side brother.


Welcome to Strats! :smiley:


thx for the warm welcomes


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