Hi, I'm Jack. PS4 Gamer here

Hey all.

I’m Jack. 27, from Las Vegas. Played through GTA V on my Xbox 360, but I just upgraded to the PS4 and bought the game again. I love the online gameplay (where are the heists?). I’m looking for a crew of players (typically around 5-8pm PST) that likes to be communicative, wreak havoc, and have each others’ backs.

Any other Vegas people out here?


Hi Jack welcome to Strats! I see you’ve already got a post under the roster, I added you to the crew list! Looking forward to seeing you in game. Congrats on the PS4 upgrade! What made you make the big switch from Microsoft to Sony?

Hey Jack, welcome! I’ve never touched the single player on PS4 GTA, straight into Online. Looking forward to having you in the crew.

Welcome, as @PreshusKitty would say, ‘Let’s punch some hookers’.

That puts you right in prime time for a lot of our East Coast members. I’m sure you will be in good shape. Welcome to the Crew.

Welcome to the best little corner of the internet!

@Wheatums I haven’t actually punched a hooker yet but the other day I did get out of my car and accidentally punched a random lady npc who was having a chat near where I parked. She got angry at me so I had to punch her a few more times. Luckily, no cops nearby :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard the crew Jack!

She could have been a hooker though.

@PreshusKitty , I think it’s time that you just except the fact that punching hookers is what you do. :smile:

Back me up here @nineknives_, you are from Las Vegas. Don’t they come in all shapes and sizes? :smile:

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@tommy2118 I have no problems with punching hookers. I was just saying that so far I have not gone out of my way to purposefully punch one. Why is there no mission where we just go around punching random hookers? Like all the pimps take a day off so we have to keep the girls in line or something.


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