Hi, I'm Mellie!

Hello friends!

My given name is Emily and I’m @Wayward 's wife, in game you can find me as “Mellie”.
I started playing Archeage yesterday and I’m digging it so far.
I started playing games when I was five, my dad bought himself a Gameboy and told my ma it was for me.
I’ve pretty much always had access to games and as an adult I go through spurts with gaming.
I’m hoping a community like this one helps me feel more connected so those spurts of not gaming will be less frequent.

Excited to get to know you guys!


Welcome to the community! I wish my fiance was cool enough to play video games. Lol

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Welcome aboard! We won’t hold the fact that you are married to @Wayward against you. :smirk:


LOL! :wink:

Nice to meet you, now if only I could get Lauren to game :frowning:


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