Hi I'm Stryker

Hi there!

I’m Stryker (or MSV or Shiora, whatever you prefer!), 22 from the lovely cold and wet England.
I’m a racer, shooter & rpger. Yup, a lot to play, and not enough time! Given my move from 360 to PS4, I’ve lost the lovely amount of contacts I had over there.

I play a range of games, but at the moment I’m mostly playing BF4, Destiny, GTA V on the PS4 (as StrykerVenomMSV) and Smite on the PC (as Shiora).

My PSN is StrykerVenomMSV, and my steam is Shiora Windswalker


Hey Stryker, welcome to Strats! I just got back from London on business. It was slightly warmer than I remember for that time of year, still very rainy though.

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welcome to strats my friend.

Welcome! We have a ton of player in Destiny and always looking for new members. Check out the intro post at the bottom and make sure add everyone from the PlayStation name swap, so you can fill that friends list back up. I came from 360 as well, so I lost all my friends.

Hi Stryker welcome to Strats! Sounds like a solid list you have going on there for the PS4! What would you say is your main “go to” game is?

If you like to play GTA V online we have an active crew in it.

  • Our Roster which you can find all our PSN names. You can add yourself to it as well
  • Our Social Club Crew write up on how to join the Strats Crew in GTA

Boy do I know that feeling all too well…

At the moment, it would probably be GTA

Welcome to the Dark side, hope to see you in Destiny we got an awesome group of people.

Have you joined the crew?


I have added my name to the list and applied in the social club.
I’ve done the same for Destiny.

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Hey, Welcome, cant wait to play some GTA with ya, my psn is djgraph404

Welcome, see you in the ether.

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