Hi, I'm Waffles

Hey all, new to ps4 and strats! Its been pretty hard to find a small active community and found you guys through the playstation forum. I’m quite active all throughout the week and with Xmas break is coming up I plan to play a whole lot more.

I have GTA V, Destiny, and Far Cry 4 for the PS4

Hope to see you guys online! :smile:


Hey mate, welcome aboard! There are categories for both Destiny and GTA, each of which have a roster you can plop your PSN name on and start adding your fellow gamers as friends (if you can’;t edit the wiki post, just make a comment and we’ll get you added). Also the GTA category also has information about our Crew, which you can request to join on the Social Club. Looking forward to seeing you in game :wink:

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Hello, welcome to Strats! Glad to seed another Destiny player. Be sure to check out the Destiny category and intro post. It’s has ask the info to get hooked up. There is a big name swap, my psn is Dynamible.

Welcome! I just accepted your request on the GTA Social Club and your Friend request in PSN. We are hoping to turn up the heat in GTAV during the holidays! See ya in game.

Hi Waffles welcome to Strats! How are you enjoin’ Far Cry 4?

Hello there Waffles!

FC4 is awesome, and the coop is a nice feature if you happen to be able to connect with people

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Welcome to the Dark side sister. Looking forward to seeing you in Destiny

FTFY :wink:

Idk what you’re talking about it says sister :wink:

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welcome to strats!

Happy to see Strats Growing!

GIRL = Guy In Real Life


The thought that you put in every post… each one must pass a 23 point inspection for funny. teh ninjaneer quality laugh guarantee or your money back!


Or the person is just who they say they are. :confused:

This means a lot, coming from the Goomar.

You must be new to the internet. Welcome! No one is who they say they are around here. :wink:

@Screamowaffles No disrespect meant, just having fun with the moment. Welcome to Strats.

I am who I say I am

Or am I?
… yes, yes I am.

Sorry to be on point. It’s been a rough year in Gaming.

Oddly, I am who I say I am. It’s easier to keep straight.

Hey waffles. I’ll add you and we can team up.

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